Small Business Security

Small Business Security


Your Property, People and Profits, it’s what our systems help you to protect. Let Secure Site Solutions partner with your small business to give you more time to grow your business while our systems help you watch over it day and night.

Small Business Security Overview:

As a business owner you have to focus on your customers to be successful. By implementing 24 hour security and safety solutions from Secure Site Solutions such as intrusion alarm, video surveillance and access control systems you can more effectively manage your inventory, workforce productivity all without having to constantly spend valuable time away from your customers.

Case in Point

Using video surveillance to address productivity during busy times helps to improve customer satisfaction and drive sales. Video surveillance is being utilized to increase staffing during times of increased customer traffic such as lunch or dinner rushes for quick service restaurants or at check outs to minimize abandoned purchases due to excessive wait times. Let this operational intelligence work for you by contacting us today for more information.

Systems that help you grow your business:

  • Video Surveillance including Point of Sale monitoring
  • Access control to manage your inventory and back office areas
  • Intrusion alarm (burglar) system for after hours protection
  • Hold up (panic alarm(systems)
  • RFID article surveillance

Benefits of electronic security for your business

  • Deter criminal activity such as shoplifting and robbery
  • Monitor for fraud such as “Slip and Fall” or employee “Sweet hearting”
  • Remote access to video from mobile devices lets you virtually observe employee productivity