Security System Training

System Training

In many ways, your security and fire systems are only as good as the people that use them. That’s why Secure Site Solutions provides the training you and your employees need to get the most out of even the most advanced technology.

Security System Training

At Secure Site Solutions, we do more than just install and maintain your security systems; we also provide training in the use of all of our systems. Keeping the people who need to know informed in the operation of your new system is important to ensure the smooth implementation of your security and safety protocols. As system upgrades become available, you will need to keep your key personnel up to speed. For this reason, we offer one-to-one and small group training to keep you and your staff informed.

  • Backup/Failsafe Training – Make sure your key personnel know how your security systems operate to avoid potential problems.
  • Security Feature Training – Get the most out of your system by learning about all of its features.
  • Ongoing Training – Stay informed of all the upgrades your system receives.

Training Services for Security and Fire Systems

Training services are available for all the systems we install and maintain. These security and fire systems are some of the most advanced equipment your company has. Fortunately, our professional technicians can offer the instruction you need to get the most out of every system.

  • Access Control – Learn the basics of system operation, including adding/removing users, running reports, and procedures for requesting services.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems – Receive training on user management, bypassing trouble conditions, and service request procedures.
  • Digital Video Systems – Use your system the way it was intended with camera call up, recording search and downloading, and service request procedures.
  • Fire Alarm Systems – Keep your team safe by learning how to acknowledge alarm and trouble conditions, silence alarms, and request services.

Keep your security and fire systems working the way they were intended to with training from our professional, knowledgeable technicians. To find out more about our training services, contact us today.