Design Build Solutions


Design Build Expertise at the level offered by Secure Site Solutions is something that comes from years of experience in the security industry. Before beginning any project, take advantage of our expert design build consultants’ technical skill. It’s always best to have a solid plan before beginning a new building project.

Design Build Expertise

Our Secure Site Solutions design build consultants know the high level of detail that goes into the drawing and documentation of any new project. Their extensive experience gives them unparalleled insight into matters of cost and functionality. Let us design the best system for your current and future security requirements.


  • Professional design build consulting is an integral part of any security project.
  • Having a plan beforehand will help you get the most out of your system and save you money in the long run.
  • Make sure that all of your security requirements are met.

Design Build Process

The design build process allows us to make sure you have everything you need, now and in the future. Here, find a quick overview of our Secure Site Solutions design build process:


  • Our design build experts start with a complete walkthrough of your facility in order to assess your security needs. We also listen to your security concerns and take your specific needs into account.
  • We create a proposal, complete with diagrams, for your new security system.
  • The security equipment is laid out and a detailed rendering of your new floor plan is created.
  • We provide you with specifications on all the devices to be integrated into your new security system.
  • The security system is installed and tested.
  • System training, upgrades, and maintenance packages can all be provided by our expert technicians.

To speak with one of our design build experts, contact us today.