Monitoring Services


We take pride in watching over your business with dedication and vigilance 24/7, 365 days a year.

Monitoring Services Overview:

In partnership with National Monitoring Center we have created a unique experience for our customers utilizing the latest in Central Station Automation and Communications technology. We provide the highest Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) ratings to ensure that your system is always a top priority

Dual facilities (California and Texas) with the following redundancies:

  • On site power generation in the event of loss of power grid
  • UPS battery backup to all systems
  • Redundant monitoring systems
  • Automatic redundant phone switch
  • Automatic Fiber routing on all phone lines
  • Long range GSM cellular alarm radio as an additional service to backup land lines

Our Monitoring services include:

Intrusion Alarm detection – Perimeter and outdoor systems including microwave and photo-beam systems
Fire Alarm – Our monitoring center is connected to your local emergency first responders such as fire departments and medical emergency services so our response is fast and seamless. For peace of mind we test your system daily to ensure that any alarm signals sent from your fire alarm panel are received properly at our monitoring center.
Environmental and Critical Condition – 24/7 dedicated monitoring of various environmental conditions that can affect your products or equipment such as temperature and moisture. We notify you if an environmental condition is out of your acceptable range such as temperature or moisture levels so you can react before there is loss of product or business continuity.
Video Monitoring – Whether required by local law enforcement or as a tool to minimize false alarms our monitoring center can remotely verify intrusion alarms using state of the art video monitoring. In addition we can supply remote video services such as remote guard tours and remote security escort services.