Riverside Security and Fire Alarm Systems


Riverside County businesses in need of the best security company in Southern California, look no further. Secure Site Solutions is proud to count Riverside County within our expansive coverage area. We can provide the security and fire alarm systems you need to keep your business safe no matter what the danger.

Intrusion Detection

Our intrusion detection systems are part of the latest wave of technologically advanced security systems. They are much more than standard burglar alarms; they are comprehensive monitoring systems. They can let you know who enters your premises, but they can also function as panic buttons and critical condition monitoring, alerting you of dangerous changes in your building’s temperature or humidity.

When it comes to your security systems, we do more than just installation. Secure Site Solutions’ highly trained technicians also handle all your security system maintenance. Because what good is a technologically advanced security system without the maintenance needed to keep it working properly?

Our technicians can also provide security system training. As with our maintenance services, our training services are part of the reason our security systems work so well. With the right training, your employees and you will get the most out of your security system, now and in the future. To learn more about the wide array of services we offer in Riverside County, contact us today.