Orange County Security and Safety Alarm Systems


Secure Site Solutions is proud to count all of Orange County within our general service area. Our professional security technicians come directly to you, no matter where your business is within Orange County. For all your installation, maintenance, and upgrading needs, contact us to have a technician dispatched to your location.

Security System Installation

Our new security systems can be installed in a way that is completely IT friendly. These security systems can be fully integrated with your existing IT structure, putting the security risk management of your business right at your fingertips. Installation is available at your existing site, during new construction, or as part of remodeling projects.

Many threats to your business can not be addressed by a security system. Secure Site Solutions also offers fire alarm installation, using the same advanced technology as our security systems to give you the best protection possible. They can identify fires, warn your employees of impending danger, and even notify you if your sprinkler systems rupture, protecting your business from fire and water damage.

Security goes beyond hardwired systems. Our technicians can also set your business up with RFID asset management systems. These allow you to track your merchandise, deterring theft and aiding in the location of stolen property. RFID asset management has helped countless Orange County businesses avoid losses. To learn how they can help you, contact us today.