Los Angeles Security and Fire Alarm Systems


All of Los Angeles County is within Secure Site Solutions’ service area. Our technicians are available to service your business no matter where you are in Los Angeles. We handle all your security and fire alarm system needs, always adhering to our pledge to be proactive, passionate, and professional.

Business Security Systems

Our business security systems represent the latest technological advances in the security industry. We can install, maintain, and upgrade a security system that meets the specific needs of your business. We have everything you need for surveillance, access control, intruder detection, and asset management, to name just a few of our services.

These security systems are an integral part of many Los Angeles companies’ security risk management protocols. These systems help you protect your people, your assets, and your proprietary information. Risk management can also be an important part of minimizing your exposure to lawsuits.

At the heart of most of these systems are our access control security systems. These let in the people you want, and keep out those you don’t. But, unlike a simple lock and key, our technologically advanced access control systems provide an extra layer of comfort and can be used to track movement in and out of your facilities.