Structured Cabling

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is the integration of voice, data, video and various management systems of a building, such as security, alarms, energy systems, etc., into a fixed network of cabling connectivity products. Utilizing a well-designed infrastructure your system can support any network topology for voice and data applications.

Structured Cabling Overview:

Structured cabling is the foundation of any business, government or organizations’ IT network including data, voice, video or alarms, and defines how signals or data is transmitted through the network.

Data cabling is the networking of cables to be able to relay data from one point to another. Data cabling enables communication between different systems and users while allowing analyzing of data at a central point. Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6a cabling are used to install data cablings which are tested to current industry standards.
Voice cabling is the wiring of a building which enables basic telecommunications systems including land-based phone lines, modems, or analog lines. This wiring is essential for telephone cabling as well as for other network applications that allow for spoken communication or other voice services over long distances. Proper installation and telecommunications compliance is considered of the utmost importance in setting up new voice cabling.


  • Offers a higher ROI than traditional wiring because it outlives traditional networking components and will require minimal upgrades.
  • When moves, adds, changes or rearrangements and upgrades are necessary they are performed can be performed more cost-effectively, with a potential savings of 25 to 40 percent for material and labor when using an open-office cabling approach.
  • All voice, data and building management systems can be managed from a central technology closet that is well organized and designed.
  • Less network downtime means greater productivity and less cost to you.

Advantages to structured cabling

  • Consistency – same cable can be used through the facility
  • Support of multi-vendor equipment – You can mix and match vendors.
  • Simplifies moves adds and changes -As your company grows and/or moves locations with structured cabling your network resources are always ready to go.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • With a structured wiring system problems are easier to isolate and fix.
  • A Cat 5e or even Cat 6 compliant system will support future applications with little (if any) system upgrades.