RFID Asset Management


Need to know where a critical piece of equipment is or prevent an asset from leaving the facility by unauthorized means? Radio Frequency Identification technology can do that. Secure Site Solutions can custom tailor tracking solutions to automatically alert your personnel if critical assets are not where they should be.

What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?

Radio Frequency Identification to track assets and personnel uses radio waves to identify objects. The most common method is to store a serial number or other information on a microchip. This microchip along with an antenna is commonly called an RFID tag. The tags transmit information to various readers that convert the radio signal into a digital format that can be read by computers and middleware. This allows you to locate assets within a system and to perform instant inventory and other audit reports. Applications range from, but are not limited to using tags on laptops and computers within an organization to protect confidential information to toll payment collection for toll road systems and slot key tracking for the Gaming industry.

Common RFID Asset Management System Applications:

  • Company computers and laptops.
  • Inventory and Product tracking.
  • Toll payment collection.
  • Calibrated / Certified testing equipment and tools.
  • Casino Slot Machine keys.
  • Employee evacuation mustering.


Key Benefits of RFID Asset Management:

  • Asset tracking provides an effective means to deter theft and improve management of valued assets.
  • Improved inventory accuracy and efficiency.
  • Mitigate compliance requirements through reporting capabilities detailing asset locations and history.