Intrusion Detection/Critical Condition


Having someone break in and take your companies equipment or confidential information is a costly event that no business can afford. Losing product or business systems due to temperature fluctuations or water damage can just as adversely affect an organization’s bottom line, business continuity and delivery.

Secure Site Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help you create a functional intrusion alarm system whether your business operates a multiple shift facility or has unrestricted working hours. We have solutions that allow your employees and other staff to confidently work during and after normal business hours without fear of forgetting to set the alarm or setting the alarm on coworkers. Having a well designed intrusion alarm system can make your security alarm a reliable, useful resource and not a late night burden prone to calling wolf.

Intrusion Detection System overview:

  • Burglar alarm – Allows you to protect your premise when you are closed by utilizing various detection methods to detect intruders. These systems are also known as Intrusion Detection Systems as they are used not only to detect burglary but any intrusion. In addition these systems can help monitor out of the way and high security locations while you are open with localized alarm reporting.
  • Hold Up and Panic button systems – These systems are a component of an intrusion detection system that allow for wired and wireless panic / hold up buttons to be incorporated as a silent alarm feature. These systems are used in many retail and banking applications as well as commercial environments such as reception areas and other place where a company’s employees must be in direct contact with customers.
  • Critical Condition monitoring – Dedicated monitoring of various environmental conditions that can affect your products or equipment such as temperature and moisture. We notify you if an environmental condition is out of your acceptable range such as temperature or moisture levels.

Common Intrusion Detection Systems Applications:

  • Perimeter fence lines / outdoor storage areas.
  • Office areas within multiple shift manufacturing and distribution facilities.
  • Safe / Vault systems.
  • ATM monitoring.
  • Server Room and commercial Freezer / Refrigerator temperature monitoring.
  • Hold up and duress notification.

Key Benefits of Intrusion Detection Systems:

  • Deterrent to criminal activity.
  • Supervision of opening and closing times through activity logging and event reporting.
  • User friendly solutions such as automated arming and disarming or code cards eliminate the need for users to remember system specific codes and equipment specific procedures.