Home Automation


Integrated security and automation systems make security simple. Every Secure Site Solutions Smart-Secure system comes equipped with the most advanced technology available in the industry today. With the touch of a button you can ensure the safety and security of your family and possessions anytime, all the time.

Home Automation Overview

Our experienced security installation professionals will help you custom design a home automation system around the unique security needs of your home, family and lifestyle. Once installed, you can rest assured knowing that your home security automation is effective and is monitored by the most comprehensively trained security monitoring experts in the business.

Upgrade your existing system to include one of our cutting-edge interactive features and have total control of your security system, including receiving immediate alarm notifications, live images of alarm events, and remote activation of lights and appliance – no matter where you are.

Remote Control

    • Remote arming and disarming
    • When your loved ones arrive home from school or work
    • If an elderly family member’s system is idle too long
    • If a restricted area is accessed such as medicine cabinets, gun safes or liquor cabinets


Instant Notification

  • Remote Video Monitoring – see what happens while your away
  • Enhanced Security and convenience! Wireless Lighting Control – turn lights and other appliances on or off remotely
  • Remote monitoring services – receive notification on important events via text or email
  • Save Energy! Remote heating and air conditioning control – Set temperature and control your home heating and cooling anytime.


For more information on these exciting features and to learn more about home security and control including integrating home theater and automated window treatments contact us online or call us toll free at 888-800-7621 for more information on Secure Site Solutions home automation systems and to schedule your free in-home security consultation today!