Fire Alarm & Life Safety


No business can afford to be without a fire alarm system. They help protect your assets, assist in evacuating your employees as part of your Emergency Action Plan, and in many cases your commercial insurance carriers will offer you premium reduction for implementing a fire alarm system like those offered by Secure Site Solutions.

Fire and Life Safety alarm system overview:

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems – intelligent fire alarms that allow each individual device to notify as to the exact location of the alarm. Utilizes Signaling Line Circuits or data loops versus hardwired zoned systems. Addressable systems are more feature rich and easier to maintain.
  • Life Safety/Employee Evacuation Alarm Systems – These are systems that are designed to notify personnel and visitors in emergency situations such as a fire or natural disaster. They are designed to meet all applicable fire and life safety codes as well as laws such as the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). They use combinations of visual and audible (tone or voice) which are used to alert occupants of the emergency.
  • Sprinkler and Smoke Detection, Supervision, and Waterflow systems – These are monitoring systems that electronically monitor sprinkler heads for discharge. These systems notify if a sprinkler has activated either through fire or heat or if a sprinkler head ruptures due to mechanical failure. They help safeguard the property from fire and water damage.

Common Fire Alarm System Applications:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler system monitoring for sprinkled commercial buildings
  • Smoke and Heat detection systems for Data Centers, these are also a cost-effective alternative to hard pipe sprinkler retrofits within non sprinkled buildings.
  • Employee evacuation / Life Safety systems serve as an OSHA approved method for emergency notification within your Emergency Action Plan.

Key Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems:

  • Limit liability by providing a approved method for Fire and Life Safety systems
  • Essential component to your Emergency Action plan
  • Protect property and personnel, safer workplace equates to employee retention and improved morale.
  • Electronically supervised equipment that automatically notifies us in the event of a system trouble condition. This notification works hand in hand with your service plan to ensure that you always have active fire alarm protection.