Digital Video Systems


Secure Site Solutions knows video surveillance and we can show you how to implement a solution that will not only create a great deterrent but will also allow you to detect unwanted activities and document them for use with law enforcement or for insurance and internal purposes.

Digital Video Systems overview:

  • IP cameras – Utilize existing network infrastructure to transmit video images and control data. Allows cameras to be placed throughout an organization regardless of physical limitations (remote sites). Using an IP encoder you can easily upgrade existing analog cameras to interface with your network. It is a cost effective way to make use of your existing camera system while enhancing the functionality of the overall system.
  • Digital Video Recorders – These units utilize internal (or external) hard drives to store and access video. These units do not require high levels of maintenance as there are no tapes to change, replace or recording heads to clean. They also add portability to the images as they can now be emailed and or saved to standard CDs or DVDs.
  • Video Analytics – Referred to as intelligent video this is a software component that creates rules within a cameras field of view. Detection of an active rule creates an actionable event which provides improved detection and automatic notification.

Some common Video Analytics applications:

  • Directional control – the flow of the scene can be analyzed and if movement is detected going in the “wrong” direction an action can be triggered.
  • Perimeter “trip line” detection – a virtual fence can be created around a perimeter using Analytics to detect encroachment into a space but ignore movement leaving a space. This is a very good tool for use in managing large perimeter fence lines or open space.
  • Loitering – Allows a rule to be created that manages the act of loitering so that if that activity occurs a notification can be activated.

Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

These cameras may be controlled remotely and often have lenses that allow for the user to “zoom in” on a subject for more detail. These units are a great supplement to physical security personnel by allowing them to remotely, safely tour large areas such as parking lots or building perimeters.

Common Camera System Applications:

  • Entry/Exit and commercial lobbies
  • Parking Lot surveillance
  • Production lines
  • Shipping and Receiving docks
  • Integration with Access Control or critical alarm points


Key Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

  • Accessibility – Digital video recordings provide permanent, easy to access video records.
  • Scalability – Various systems such as iSCSI array recording have unlimited growth potential for the cameras and storage.
  • Portability – using electronic files versus tape eases information sharing.
  • Remote access over network and VPN, dial-up or wireless.
  • System components are designed to integrate with existing camera systems or other security systems such as intrusion alarm or access control systems allowing you to make maximum use of your existing security infrastructure.