Digital Signage


Digital signage appears in stores, restaurants, gas pumps, food menu boards and many other places. We can help you design, install and maintain a solution that adds revenue to your bottom line or helps convey your organizations’ latest news. Extend your reach and brand through the use of this captivating technology.

Benefits of Digital Signage:

  • Increase visibility and awareness of promotions
  • Rotating messages provide excellent use of space
  • Limit costs associated with updating printed, static menu boards
  • Branding and customer entertainment
  • Captive audience for your message while queuing
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Limit costs associated with updating printed, static menu boards

Case in Point: The Perfect Addition to Any Sports Bar

When used in a sports bar, Digital Signage can be especially powerful. Large LCDs that are displaying a highly anticipated sporting event will garner many eyeballs. The system can program a zoned-window which leaves the rest of the screen’s “real estate” available for high-profile, messaging and advertising. Logos can be displayed in a corner, sponsorships can be run in a crawl line, and an animated Advertisement of your wine selection can run on the side. Often times a supplier to the dining/sports bar facility will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video showcasing than print advertising.

Take Advantage of Great Value and Easy Configuration

If you run a large company, you know how difficult it can be to streamline information across multiple offices that might span the entire country. Digital signage systems don’t just look great – they also offer the benefits of communicating one message to multiple screens at once, in multiple locations at once.

  • Control the information on your display boards from one central account – no need for additional computers or servers
  • Easy updates allow for flexible content and maximum exposure
  • HD picture quality will give your information more flair and your message more credibility

Common Applications

  • Menu boards
  • Rewards programs
  • Upcoming events
  • Corporate communication
  • Trade show and Conference room listing and events

Sample Industries and Organizations

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Worship
  • Restaurant
  • Entertainment