Access Control


Access control systems regulate the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, property, and company information. You can view where people are on your premises at any given moment and keep a permanent record of the data without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.

Electronic Access Control overview:

  • Stand-alone, Web and TCP/IP based access control solutions – with a Stand alone or network based (TCP/IP) based solution you administer the system through a dedicated or network computer. With a Web Browser based solution there is no software and therefore no PC necessary so you can access the system from any internet computer with standard web browsers. Each solution has benefits based on the long-term needs of the client.
  • Proximity cards, Key tags or Biometric systems – We supply a variety of access control credentials to fit every need and application. From cards that can double as ID badges, Key tags that are small and convenient to cardless solutions such as using unique biometric features of the user (fingerprint, iris, facial recognition) to grant access. The type of credential utilized can depend on the level of security required as well as the environment.
  • Photo ID card creation and administration – Access Control systems are the logical place to create, store and administer employee, visitor and vendor badges. You can create custom ID badges using multiple templates for various needs (employees, visitors, long-term contractors, ect.) right from your access control system and link the information to the user access control record.

Common Access Control Applications:

  • Confidential records management – Human Resources, Healthcare.
  • Perimeter entry control (Gate, Parking Structure, Lobbies, Employee Entry)
  • High-ticket cages and Hazardous storage areas
  • Business Critical areas such as Control Rooms, Network Equipment and Server Rooms.
  • Limited access areas such as Quality Control and research laboratories.

Key Benefits of Access Control

  • Cost–effective credential control (cards, key-tags, and biometrics) ensures a convenient, means of preventing unauthorized entry versus physical security guards.
  • Eliminates rekeying costs, manual key control and the time associated with replacing mechanical lock cylinders.
  • Scalability – Entry level stand alone solutions to enterprise network-integrated solutions.
  • Quick and convenient to administer. Multiple operator levels allow you to customize views to match functions such as Photo ID workstations for Human Resources or alarm reporting for Security Guard stations
  • Enhanced safety for employees and customers