If you build it, we will protect it.

Manufacturing Overview:

Running a manufacturing operation carries with it many challenges, among them ensuring that employees are safe and productive while assets are protected and accounted for. In today’s competitive marketplace, managing an efficient manufacturing facility requires tools not just inherent to the production line.
Secure Site Solutions can show the way to reduce operating costs as well as improve productivity and mitigate safety issues that distract from an efficient operation. Our systems can help you improve productivity, minimize OSHA and other safety violations, protect assets from internal and external theft or combinations of the two such as “sweet hearting.”

Key Safety and Security Benefits of Manufacturing:

  • Add virtual supervision through the use of camera systems – beneficial in large facilities, facilities with minimal physical supervision or facilities running multiple shifts.
  • Control access into high-ticket storage areas for raw materials and finished goods and manage third-parties that access your facilites such as trucking and delivery companies.
  • Limit and track access into critical areas such as tool cribs, hazardous locations, and PLC or control rooms.
  • Improve moral by creating a safer more secure workplace for employees.