Logistics and Distribution


Using Security Solutions for operational intelligence within Logistics operations will save your organization time, money and help you secure new clients. We can show you how.

Logistics and Distribution Overview:

Within the supply chain, Logistics and Distribution companies share a vital role in ensuring that products reach their markets safely and securely. Whether you work with a dedicated logistics/distribution group or contract those services out, Secure Site Solutions can help to design a system customized just for you.
Logistics and Distribution execution requires you to manage a variety of issues that can negatively affect your products and customer relationships such as loss, damage and tampering of goods. In addition you must manage a workplace that traditionally runs multiple shifts utilizing forklifts, pallet jacks and other heavy machinery where safety and security are paramount to the overall success of your organization.

Key Benefits to Logistics/Distribution Security and Safety

  • Manage third party trucking companies and other vendor/visitors to your facilities through visitor management and controlled access systems.
  • Document and limit access into your facilities for C-TPAT compliance.
  • Improve operations through use of video camera systems to bolster productivity, aid in supervision.
  • ADA compliant life safety evacuation systems difficult to achieve in warehouses and other distribution style facilities improves moral and limits liability.