Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


Don’t let the challenges of running your organization run you down. By implementing security and safety solutions by Secure Site Solutions you and your customers will feel in the pink.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Overview:

Healthcare, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical facilities all have the need to manage the safety and security of personnel, patients and visitors. To make matters even more complex the special requirements imposed upon you as a regulated industry encompassing the FDA, DEA and others presents a challenging task.
By putting into practice integrated electronic security solutions you can improve reporting and audit capabilities required by your regulators while deterring unwanted activities and improving your organizations efficiencies and service delivery.

Key Safety and Security Benefits for Healthcare

  • Integration of key security systems improves response time and aids in the implementation of safety and security policies and procedures.
  • Deter unwanted activity and improve administration of safety and security related issues.
  • Documentation and reporting for regulatory compliance that is event driven and backed up with video records.
  • Electronically manage Board of Pharmacy regulations.