In Security We Trust, that is if the system is reliable and fiscally responsible. We can help you balance securing your sites with your budgets all while you secure and maintain the public trust.”

Government Overview:

Protecting taxpayer’s property, your employees, and your citizens requires innovative security technologies that allow you to create a more secure, safer environment while also allowing you to effectively manage internal policies or to comply with other government agency regulations.
As a public entity Government is required and expected to uphold the public trust. Whether your a Local, State or Federal agency we can help improve the security and safety of your facility.

Key Benefits to Government Security and Safety:

  • Control access into back office areas of public facilities.
  • Visitor Management systems ensure that visitors and vendors to government facilities have been registered before entering facilities.
  • Improved reporting and research capabilities save time and taxpayer money relating to safety and fraud investigation.
  • Deters unsafe behavior, Improves internal training best practices and ensures that standard operating procedures are followed.
  • Mitigate potential liability with respect to ADA requirements for current Life Safety standards (NFPA101).