Why roll the dice when it comes to your gaming operation. Let us show you how to implement security solutions that manage compliance while leveraging their flexibility to improve on operational efficiencies.

Gaming Overview:

In casinos, where the threat of criminal activity is as high as the stakes at the card table, it’s important that facilities are properly monitored. Video surveillance is universal within the gaming industry and today access control and RFID tracking systems are becoming increasing popular within this high security market.


  • Deter cheating
  • Operational intelligence based on floor/pit activity.
  • Comply with Gaming requirements for controlled access
  • Create audit reports for assets such as slot machines, slot keys
  • Integration of video with access control streamlines investigations

Case in Point – Biometric Access Control: Securing cash rooms with dual authentication

When used in high security back office areas such as vaults, soft count or cash rooms dual authentication access control adds accountability and extra layers of security to daily operations. Entering these high security areas is a routine requirements and by adding electronic access control to your security platform you eliminate key control, create instant accountability with reporting requirements that satisfy regulatory needs. Dual Authentication requires two forms of verification for valid entry such as card and PIN or card and biometric. In addition, electronic access control provides programmable rules such as escort or two-person verification to enter an area.

Take Advantage of Flexibility and Easy Configuration

By introducing integrated security solutions such as video surveillance with access control and RFID you instantly add information to your daily security program and eliminate costs associated with rekeying, streamlined investigative procedures and instant modifications through software programming versus hard keys and written logs.

Control user access down to the individual person or entry point

  • Add or delete users credentials or pull a video clip instantly
  • Access video securely and remotely over LAN or mobile platforms for increased responsiveness.
  • Single Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM) consolidates multiple individual systems such as video surveillance, access control and intrusion monitoring.



Common applications

  • Video – gaming floor, common areas such as lobbies, restaurants, parking lots.
  • Access control – keyless entry into high security areas such as vault, soft count rooms and cages.
  • “Man Trap” controls into high security areas allowing only one valid entry at a time
  • Video analytics track activity such as loitering and traveling direction and generate automatic supervision
  • Manage emergency exits for unauthorized use or doors being propped open