Protecting your students, staff and assets with limited budgets is a challenge that we can help with. We can help you find the balance that allows you to laser focus your security efforts to accomplish your goal of a safe, secure learning environment.

Education Overview

In today’s educational environment controlling unwanted access to campus and documenting unwanted activity seems more important than ever. To manage the safety and security of a campus or educational organization with multiple buildings requires leveraging today’s technology to its fullest potential.
Secure Site Solutions has the expertise to help you create a safer, more secure environment in which to educate through the use of fire alarm life safety systems, camera systems, access control, Mass Notification emergency systems, visitor management and asset management systems.

Systems that aid in securing campus style settings:

  • Wireless intrusion alarm systems
  • Network video surveillance systems
  • Centralized access control
  • Code compliant fire alarm systems

Key Safety and Security Benefits for Education

  • Integration of key security systems improved response time and aids in the implementation of safety and security policies and procedures.
  • Take security off campus with mobile video solutions for Transportation.
  • Deter unwanted activity and improve / centralize administration of safety and security related issues.
  • Standardization of systems across the organization improves effectiveness and speeds acceptance of new technology to teachers, professors and other staff members.