Secure Site Solutions, Inc. deploys integrated commercial security solutions for key industries to help companies meet their critical business security requirements. From regulatory and compliance requirements, to integrated security and life safety we can put the systems in place that facilitate your policies and procedures to effective manage your organization and serve your clients.

Installation copyCorporate/Enterprise

Every business is different, and each presents different types of unique security risks. That’s why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Even if you don’t have huge warehouses full of products or millions of dollars in specialized equipment, you still have people and assets that need to be protected from both internal and external threats. Read more. 

Installation copyEducation

In today’s educational environment protecting your teaching assets, controlling unwanted access on to campus or into your facilities and documenting unwanted activity seems more important than ever. From cost effective district wide intrusion alarm systems to video systems that leverage your existing network infrastructure Secure Site Solutions, Inc. can assist you with design and deployment services to get and keep your campuses secure and safe. Read more. 

Installation copyLogistics/Distribution

Whether you work with a dedicated logistics / distribution group or contract those services you need to manage a variety of issues that can negatively affect your products and customer relationships such as loss, damage and tampering of goods. Access Control and Video system solutions are critical to operations that typically run with minimal supervision per employee or run multiple shifts. Find out where our solutions fit into your operation. Read more.

Installation copyManufacturing

Managing productivity through the use of camera systems – beneficial in large facilities, facilities with minimal physical supervision or facilities running multiple shifts or controlling access into high-ticket storage areas for raw materials and finished are just a couple of the real world applications that we supply to both large and small manufacturing operations. Find out what systems can save you money while improving your output bring money to both sides of your balance sheet. Read more.

Installation copyHealthcare/ Pharmaceutical

Tasked with special requirements imposed upon you as a regulated industry encompassing the FDA, DEA and others organizations your duties are some of the most complex within industry. By putting into practice integrated electronic security solutions such as Video Surveillance and electronic access control you can improve reporting and audit capabilities required by your regulators while deterring unwanted activities and improving your organizations efficiencies and service delivery. Read more.

Installation copyCommercial Property Management

Managing multiple properties for multiple tenants and often multiple owners demands a great deal of time and effort. By partnering with Secure Site Solutions you will have a single point of contact for any fire alarm or security related needs to protect your customer’s assets and keep your tenants safe. From simple sprinkler monitoring systems to managed access control let us handle the details so you can focus on keeping your customers happy. Read more.

Installation copyGovernment

Protecting taxpayer’s property, your employees and your citizens requires innovative security technologies that allow you to create safe and secure facilities. We offer solutions from video surveillance and electronic access control to intrusion detection and RFID asset tracking and supply system deployment along with the monitoring and support services required to ensure that you are compliant with safeguarding your employees and the assets of the public you have been entrusted to manage. Read more. 

Installation copyGaming

In casinos, where the threat of criminal activity is as high as the stakes at the card table, it’s important that facilities are properly monitored. Video surveillance is universal within the gaming industry and today access control and RFID tracking systems are becoming increasing popular within this high security market. Read more.