Risk Management/Security Operations


Security operations involve a multitude of skills necessary to effectively manage the safety and security policies of any business or organization. Let our systems instantly provide you with immediate return on investment benefits and as a force multiplier for your staff.

Risk Management/Security Operations Overview:

Managing risk in any company is essential to improving profitability. Whether the need is to ensure the physical safety of your workforce, prevent negligent lawsuits, or to protect proprietary data and assets Secure Site Solutions can help you implement physical security systems to help you deter, detect and document high risk activities.

Security Operations acts to not only observe and report but today your responsibilities include custom tasks for your clients such as lobby ambassador, security escort and truck and delivery receiving for example. Technology can help you by acting as a force multiplier allowing you to accommodate your customers needs while still staying true to you duties to observe and report.

Key safety benefits to the Risk Management Professional

  • Deter unwanted activities such as time theft, fraudulent insurance claims and frivolous lawsuits while eliminating the time and resources required to investigate or defend them.
  • Visitor management systems assist in controlling who is on site and where they can go.
  • Camera systems allow your security staff to improve productivity, increase response and shorten investigation times.
  • Integrated alarm monitoring creates “virtual” security officers to remotely report unauthorized access or activities.
  • Document activity to minimize frivolous lawsuits and unwarranted claims such as fraudulent Workers Compensation injuries and Slip and Fall incidents.
  • Increase effectiveness of security guard personnel through use of camera and alarm reporting systems.