Information Technology


The marriage of your IT expertise and physical security solutions by Secure Site Solutions will amplify your network security program to create the ultimate firewall.

Information Technology Overview:

As an Information Technology professional you have a variety of critical tasks that are essential to supporting your enterprise, one of which is managing physical security into Datacenters and areas where essential electronic data resources are kept. As electronic security converges with the IT space the responsibility of procuring and administering IP based security systems is fast becoming a new directive for you to grasp.

Let Secure Site Solutions show you how you can easily integrate physical security into your action plan. Whether your organization is a commercial enterprise within Healthcare (HIPPA), Gaming (Tribal Gaming Commission regulations such as IGRA), Finance (GLB Act) or an institution such as K-12 or Secondary Education (FERPA) there are numerous regulatory compliance requirements and internal policy needs that we can help you address through the implementation of various security and safety systems.

Key safety and security benefits to the IT professional

  • Automation saves substantial time and trouble, reducing duplicated efforts and providing more reliable test results along with more proof to give senior managers and auditors that physical controls are functioning effectively.
  • Access Control can aid in the implementation and supervision of Policies and Procedures to meet compliance reporting. Limits access into critical areas of your organization such as Server Rooms, Data Centers and other network equipment rooms.
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure to integrate physical security with logical access control.
  • Fire alarm systems for Data Centers utilizing FM200, Inergen and other dry or pre-action suppression systems to protect critical hardware and systems from fire, smoke and water damage.