Environmental, Health and Safety


All businesses need to manage regulatory compliance relating the Environmental, Health and Safety regulations. We can show you how to leverage your security and safety systems to streamline compliance reporting and safety investigations.

Environmental, Health and Safety Management (EHS) Overview:

Whether the requirements relate to the American Chemical Society, Occupational Safety and Health or complying with ADA we can assist you. If your needs include ADA compliant employee evacuation systems or camera and access control systems to help you more effectively manage hazardous materials, investigate safety violations and workers compensation claims/fraud we hold the key to custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Key security and safety benefits to the EHS professional

  • Control access to hazardous materials through electronic access control systems.
  • Improved reporting and research capabilities save time and money relating to safety and fraud investigation.
  • Deters unsafe behavior, Improves internal training best practices and ensures that standard operating procedures are followed.
  • Mitigate potential liability with respect to ADA requirements for current Life Safety standards (NFPA101).