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We help clients within a broad range of professions with the simple goal of treating each one like they are the only one. Whether you are a small business owner or responsible for security and safety as part of your day to day duties within a large enterprise of organization we will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine with our responsive and passionate approach to customer service.


Our Pledge to You, Our Customer: “Proactive, Passionate and Professional”

We are passionate about what we do and we will strive daily to put our customers first – to deliver the highest levels of proactive and professional customer support to our clients and suppliers across every facet of our company. We believe that the security industry is a service industry and that proactive communication, cutting edge knowledge of our systems and a strong work ethic will be paramount to supporting you and the success of your business, today and every day!

Information Technology

As an IT professional you have a variety of critical tasks that are essential to supporting your enterprise, one of which is managing physical security into Datacenters and areas where essential electronic data resources are kept. As electronic security converges with the IT space the responsibility of procuring and administering IP based security systems is fast becoming a new directive for you to grasp.
Let Secure Site Solutions show you how you can easily integrate physical security into your action plan. Whether your organization is a commercial enterprise within Healthcare (HIPPA), Gaming (Tribal Gaming Commission regulations such as IGRA), Finance (GLB Act) or an institution such as K-12 or Secondary Education (FERPA) there are numerous regulatory compliance requirements and internal policy needs that we can help you address through the implementation of various security and safety systems. Read more.


Whether you deal with global competition or the office down the street every company needs to maximize its opportunities while limiting risk and eliminating static productivity.
As an Operations Management professional you are tasked to ensure that your business operations are effective and efficient. Risk Management, Liability limitation and Operation Efficiencies are important areas of operational focus that every Operations Management professional needs to manage and at Secure Site Solutions we have the technology to help you administer Operations with a positive outcome on Profits. Read more.

Human Resources

As a Human Resources professional your responsibilities with respect to personal safety and security in the workplace continue to grow and managing those responsibilities can be both complex and time consuming.
Let us assist with managing the areas which relate to protecting your employees’ personal information and ensuring their health and safety. Today’s security and safety technologies can provide the necessary safeguards and tools you need to make certain that your employees feel safe in their workplace and secure in the fact that their personal information is protected. Here is where we can help create positive outcomes for both the employee and your organization. Read more.

Risk Management / Security Operations

Managing risk in any company is essential to improving profitability. Whether the need is to ensure the physical safety of your workforce, prevent negligent lawsuits, or to protect proprietary data and assets Secure Site Solutions can help you implement physical security systems to help you deter, detect and document high risk activities.
Security Operations acts to not only observe and report but today your responsibilities include custom tasks for your clients such as lobby ambassador, security escort and truck and delivery receiving for example. Technology can help you by acting as a force multiplier allowing you to accommodate your customers’ needs while still staying true to you duties to observe and report. Read more.

Environmental, Health, and Safety

All businesses need to manage regulatory compliance relating the Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.
Whether the requirements relate to the American Chemical Society, Occupational Safety and Health or complying with ADA we can assist you. If your needs include ADA compliant employee evacuation systems or camera and access control systems to help you more effectively manage hazardous materials, investigate safety violations and workers compensation claims or suspected fraud we hold the key to custom solutions tailored to your needs. Read more.

Commercial Property Management

Managing multiple properties with multiple tenants and at times multiple owners demands that the Commercial Real Estate professional partners with vendors that understand their needs. Creating a safe environment for your tenants to do business and protecting your buildings from fire damage, loitering and vandalism are necessities if you want to be competitive and keep occupancy rates at maximum levels.
Our complete Commercial Real Estate solutions can provide you with standardized security and fire alarm solutions across multiple facilities with centralized management easing this complex and dynamic task. Read more.