Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs Access Control

In today’s society we hold our possessions and property on a short leash. Our businesses are growing smarter and our homes are becoming safer. However there is always a need for superior security technology to keep everything in our home and business safe. One technology system that leads the way in protecting against security breaches are access control systems.

An access control system is designed to restrict and authorize access to users who are granted access to certain areas of your building. Most companies with a large number of employees on staff utilize this security system to protect their employees, records, data, technology and intellectual assets. Many businesses are still unsure about the level of protection they need when it comes to deterring against theft at the workplace, so to help we have made a list of the top four reasons why an access control system is right for your business.

Advanced Security

An access control system can provide that extra layer of security that is lacking from locks and keys. When a system is set up at your business, access and privilege for users are administered right from the beginning. This system protects everyone in the building from unwanted guests, burglars and unauthorized employees. This level of security is easily maintained for companies with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Keys Cannot Ever Be Duplicated

If you are worried about lost or duplicated keys, access control systems are designed with a set amount of access cards, pin numbers or facial recognition. This means thieves can never duplicate access cards and the employees themselves can’t duplicate them either for unauthorized access.

Never Change Locks Again

You will never have to change your system locks or collect keys every time someone’s goes missing.  A new access card can be issued and it is easy to restrict a user’s access in the system, so there is no hassle in trying to distribute new keys every time one gets lost.

Reduced Expenses on Security

An access control system cuts costs in half when your company is pinching pennies. Instead of spending more money on replacing traditional locks and keys, your access control system never stops operating and you never have to change locks. Simply reprogram or upgrade the system as you wish for new authorized users. You will never have to worry about hiring extra security to keep your property safe when you have this superior security system.

According to City Data, 52 percent of crimes in Los Angeles were theft-related in 2012. If your business is in an area prone to theft, you should definitely consider installing an access control system to secure your assets.

If your business or property is in need of a top of the line security system, count on Secure Site Solutions to provide you with enhanced safety when you need most. You should never leave sensitive property under the protection of a lock and key; choose an access control system to safeguard your company today.



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