Riverside Homeowners Be Aware of Alarm System Crooks

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Homeowners consider home security systems an elite form of protection to deter against break-ins, assault and robbery. Well, now thieves are starting to think outside the box. Recently, in the Coachella Valley and Riverside County there have been multiple reports of thieves posing as alarm company technicians to get inside your home. Don’t allow these crooks to get the upper hand on your privacy, utilize your common knowledge and notify your Riverside security system service immediately to ensure that your home is not being targeted by criminals.

Keep A Lookout!

Police were told that technicians would show up to a victim’s doorstep wearing an alarm company uniform asking for permission to update their alarm systems. Sounds phony doesn’t it? Well, sure enough the victims fell for their tricks and allowed the crook to enter the home and look around for a few minutes, never even touch the alarm system and leave without doing a thing. It sounds almost too scripted, but it continues to happen in homes that display their alarm company logos in their windows or backyards, so now is the time to take action. Police are saying the best way to prevent this from happening, keep in mind:


  • Alarm companies should always call their clients before sending a technician.
  • Alarm company employees carry identification at all times, so a homeowner should ask to see it before allowing anyone in their home.
  • If any technician shows up unannounced, call your alarm system service to confirm their visit, and if they did not send anyone it is recommended to call the police.

Security Alarm System Options

As homeowners may have not yet realized, property crime rates are 13 percent higher than the California average in Riverside alone. Recent annual property crime rates from NeighborhoodScout reported over 11,200 property crimes occur in Riverside alone. It is times like this when it pays off to install a dependable home security system if you have yet to think about doing so already. A homeowner’s option in available home security includes:


  • Intrusion detection systems: These systems deter intruders and alert security specialists to advise the authorities about a potential break-in on your premises.
  • Digital video systems: Motion-induced security cameras eliminate unwanted activities and provide peace of mind with the ability to document possible intruders.
  • Access control systems: Statistics show that burglars make their first entry through the front or back door of a home. With this in mind it is possible to prevent this with utilizing access control systems to restrict every point of entry with proximity cards or identification cards. This keeps main doors shut until the access control key card is swiped or a key code is entered.

You Can Rely on Riverside Security System Services

The bottom line is every homeowner can benefit from trusting security system services to monitor and protect their home. Using a combination of these alarms can solidify the protection of your home and reduce the chances of burglary. Meanwhile, anyone who believes they are being targeted by crooks who pose as alarm security technicians should never grant them access to the home and call the police immediately if the employee appears too suspicious. Contact our alarm security technicians to learn more about your home security options.


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