Radio Frequency Identification: Capitalizing on Asset Management

Radio frequency identification technology may have been around the industry for years but there are still plenty of industries that do not know much about this tracking technology. When it was new, people seemed to jump on the idea but today people have seemed to lost sight on its purpose. Today we will share with you some of the key benefits of RFID technology and how it makes your business better off.


What is Radio Frequency Identification?

Simply put, radio frequency identification is the use of radio waves to read and store information on a small chip and antenna inside a tag that attaches to a product or equipment. The chip typically carries up to 2,000 bytes of data or less, and it allows people to scan the tag within several feet.


Does RFID Function Better Than Barcodes?

Instead of bar code or a magnetic strip (like the type on credit cards) the RFID tag does not need to be positioned directly in the line of sight with the scanner. Your staff may find it difficult at times to individually scan an item or file especially if the bar code or strip is bent or worn out, so instead your staff can utilize radio frequency identification devices to locate items quickly in one simple scan which can read up to 40 tags per second. The RFID scanner can track an item that has been misplaced, typically within 15 feet of its original location. Barcodes do not have the ability to add information written on a printed tag but with an RFID tag the RFID reader can relay the information written on the tag and transfer it over without delay.


How Will RFID Improve Asset Management?

Radio frequency identification has potential to reduce cost and increase in managing inventory for companies struggling to track thousands of items. According to the Journal of Accountancy, RFID tags provides a simpler technique of tracking valuable inventory and identify slow-moving items during audits and assessments all year round. Due to its accuracy of the scanned result errors are dramatically reduced as well as rescanning will no longer be an issue and improve work time for your personnel to conquer more in one shift.


This brand of tagging assets will allow easier business forecasting and planning because RFID tracking allows management to know what items are being sold or used up quicker than others. You will be able to ship and supply more or less product for the days ahead of sales all in one simple tracking technique.


Theft will also be dramatically reduced since every item will be tagged with security devices to set off store alarms if individuals attempt to remove them from your company. Clothing items seem to be the simplest products to remove since barcodes are not lined with security tags, but with RFID tags internal and external theft will be stopped in its tracks. Goods will remain as they are until purchased.


If you are looking for an easier solution to maintain company inventory and protect your assets then contact our radio frequency identification department in Los Angeles. Equipment and products will never go missing again with custom tailored tracking solutions from Secure Site Solutions.


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