Ensuring Safety for All with Advanced Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Through today’s modern and frequent use of technology there are plenty of criminal tactics and corruption devices imaginable. It comes to show that more than two-thirds of small businesses and independent companies are expanding on their use of video surveillance to keep their property and employees under close watch. Digital video surveillance, such as IP cameras, digital video recorders and video analytics play a key role in maintaining safe daily operations as they are simple to install, easy to use and customizable to meet your requirements. Selecting video surveillance will depend on the nature of your home. Based on terms of size, layout, and number of entry points we can help establish a security solution for your needs.

Video Surveillance Specifications

One of the main goals of security camera is to deter theft and burglaries and if you have digital surveillance cameras set up around your property, the presence of cameras will make burglars feel uncomfortable with breaking and entering on camera. Here is a quick rundown over the qualities your business can look forward to:

  • IP cameras – Records live video packets operating on LAN networks easily accessible online.

  • Digital Video Recorders – Utilize internal or external hard drives for storage and access, with no recording heads to clean.

  • Video analytics – Intelligent video software that provides improved detection within the camera’s field of view.

Violent Crime is Up in Los Angeles

According to an article in the LA Times, the violent crime rate in Los Angeles rose during the first six months of the year at 8,610 compared with 8,371 in 2013. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was concerned, but noted that property offenses, such as burglaries and homicides remain down overall in L.A. Violent crime, such as aggravated assaults are precursors to homicides and other dangerous situations. As long as businesses continue with the use of digital video surveillance systems we can continue to help keep your company safe from outrageous criminal action.


Installing digital video surveillance is a very effective crime deterrent. Urban Institute reports that surveillance systems today are one of the most cost effective protection strategies for businesses around America. Consider speaking with the best digital video systems Los Angeles businesses count on most. Call us to get your security solution at (888) 800-7621.


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